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Payday Advance

Payday Advance

You are not limited to this primary distributor and can access additional distributors with Premier agreements. Distributors work with manufacturers with Premier agreements so your agency receive the best pricing. Your current distributors may have a Premier agreement. Even if you buy the same items from the same distributors, you may save. Request a market basket to see the comparison. Premier offers over 1,390 agreements and 100,000 products.

To find out the pricing your agency can receive, request a market basket. What is a market basket. Premier will match up your items with items available on the Premier agreement showing you the savings. This is the most efficient way to demonstrate how the program will meet your needs. Once you have become a member, you will have the option to look at more than 1,390 agreements.

Request a Market Basket AnalysisClicking on the link above to request a market basket analysis and completing pay day loan form provides Premier with high-level information on your purchases.

It also allows you to accept the confidentiality of the market basket. Below is the information pay day loan will be requested to start the process:Once the online form is completed, the Premier team will follow-up and walk you through the exact product level purchased information that is needed to provide a market basket that shows your customized pricing.

payday loan online Learn more about the guidelines and data requested for a market basket. Interested in the program. Become a part of the Premier community and start saving. A Malcolm Baldridge and Ethisphere award winner, Premier is an advocate for U. Premier offers a wide selection of products, equipment and solutions to meet your clinical needs.

Pricing reduces goods and services costs for you. Agreements are competitively bid every three years. A membership committee evaluates and awards these agreements.

The committee includes Premier members from pharmacy, supply chain, nursing and other healthcare staff. Educational Resources Why Premier. Premier is a group purchasing organization helping members achieve cost savings and efficiencies. Premier leverages member volume to help you save on goods and services. Premier offers a wide selection of products, equipment and solutions to meet all clinical needs.

Premier is one of the largest and most successful group purchasing organizations today. What is a group purchasing organization (GPO). A GPO (Group Purchasing Organization) is an organization that assists their members in realizing savings and efficiencies.

GPOs aggregate purchasing volume and negotiate discounts. GPOs do not purchase or buy any products. They negotiate agreements with manufacturers, distributors and suppliers on behalf of their membership.

Can a public agency join a GPO. Yes, any public agency can participate in a group purchasing organization. However, they are responsible for compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations. This includes open, fair and competitive procurement (informal or formal) of GPO services.

What is the Premier Pharmaceutical, Medical Equipment, Supply and Distribution Program. It includes:Is there a fee to join or use your service. There is no fee to join the program. Purchase the items you need using pre-negotiated, contracted pricing. How do I see Premier pricing. If you need to compare pricing, Premier offers a market basket analysis. This is the simplest way to determine if the program is correct for your organization. Complete an Enrollment FormHow do I enroll.

To purchase, registration is required with U. Registration is fast, easy and free. There are no fees or commitments to join. CLICK HERE to register. Once registered, go to www. Select JOIN NOW, complete and submit the online registration form.

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